Storytime Share: Pumpkins

26 10 2017

Rather than do an all-out Halloween storytime for my outreaches this month, I chose to do a pumpkin theme. In addition to a variety of pumpkin stories that I’ve done in the past, I was able to find a couple new pumpkin activities to do to make the storytime fresh for myself.



Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch by Alyssa Satin Capucilli; illustrated by Pat Schories

Biscuit the puppy takes a trip to the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin and finds some friends there, too. Baby, Toddler


Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin by Tad Hills; illustrated by the author

Friends Duck and Goose search high and low for a pumpkin until a helpful friend suggests the right place to look. Baby, Toddler


How Big Could Your Pumpkin Grow? by Wendell Minor; illustrated by the author

Imagine just how big a pumpkin could grow – as big as a building or even the Grand Canyon! Preschool; Early Elementary


Pick a Pumpkin, Mrs. Millie!  by Judy Cox; illustrated by Joe Mathieu

On a class trip to the pumpkin patch, silly Mrs. Millie keeps mixing up her words – “big” becomes “pig” and “wagon” becomes “dragon” and so on in this humorous tale. Preschool, Early Elementary


Piggies in the Pumpkin Patch by Mary Peterson and Jennifer Rofé; illustrated by Mary Peterson

Two little pigs run amok all over the farm until the big bull chases them back to the pumpkin patch. Toddler, Preschool


The Pumpkin Patch by Cliff Griswold

Readers follow a young girl as she visits the pumpkin patch with her family to select the perfect pumpkin. Toddler, Preschool


Pumpkin, Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington

Starting with one seed, young Jamie grows a pumpkin, then after carving it into a jack-o-lantern he starts all over again with a handful of seeds. Toddler, Preschool


Ten Orange Pumpkins: A Counting Book by Stephen Savage

Count down from ten to one as Halloween friends such as a mummy, witch, and ghost, select their pumpkins. Toddler, Preschool


“Ten Little Pumpkins”

sung to: “Ten Little Indians”

One little, two little, three little pumpkins

Four little, five little, six little pumpkins

Seven little, eight little, nine little pumpkins

Ten little pumpkins in the pumpkin patch

Sing again counting backwards from ten to one


“Pumpkin, Pumpkin”

Pumpkin, pumpkin, sitting on the wall (make hand into a fist and prop on opposite arm)

Pumpkin, pumpkin, tip and fall (make “pumpkin” wobble and fall off “wall”)

Pumpkin, pumpkin, rolling down the street (make rolling motion with arms)

Pumpkin, pumpkin, good to eat (or trick or treat)!

Flannel story: “Orange Pumpkin, Orange Pumpkin” from First Grade a la Carte blog

Activity: “Old McRainbow’s Pumpkin Farm” from Fun with Friends at Storytime blog




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