October 2012 Reading Theme Wrap-Up

22 11 2012

My reading theme for the month of October was reading digitally.  I didn’t read an extensive number of titles on a digital device, but I did manage to use a variety of platforms for acquiring copies of the books I did read digitally.  I think that was an extremely confusing sentence, but, oh well!

What I mean to say is that I used three different methods for obtaining digital copies of books during the month of October.  First, I FINALLY finished a book I purchased for my Kindle ages and ages ago – My Blood Approves by Amanda Hocking.  I initially purchased this book because Hocking created a stir when the books that she self-published as e-books (including this one) sold millions of titles.  I can see why the books in this series have been popular – they are part of the whole vampire romance craze started by Twilight.  However, I wasn’t crazy about this book.  I really thought it suffered from not having an editor, particularly in respect to grammatical errors and cliched writing.

As for the method of digital reading, I really like having titles like this one that I’ve purchased directly through the Amazon Kindle store because of the ease of access.  I can access my Kindle books on my Kindle itself, but also using the Kindle app on my phone and tablet.  Very convenient for moments like standing in line at the grocery store when I don’t have a book with me.

The next book I read digitally was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  I checked out this title through my public library’s Overdrive platform.  I had actually put myself on the waiting list for this one back in September when it was suggested for my “Suggested Reading” theme.  There was quite a waiting list for it, so I wasn’t able to get it until October.  At any rate, it was a fun, page-turning read.  October and November have been difficult months personally, and it was nice to have a book like this as an escape.

I really like using Overdrive.  I primarily read the books I check out on Overdrive through my tablet because I have an earlier model of the Kindle.  This means that I have to take a few extra steps to actually get the books I check out onto my Kindle.  But with my tablet everything is done wirelessly in a few seconds, easy-peasy.  The selection available through Overdrive is constantly improving, and it’s very handy when I want to read something but can’t get to the library.

The third title I read digitally was Hattie Ever After by Kirby Larson.  I was eagerly awaiting this sequel to Hattie Big Sky. While I still liked the first book better, it gave me a sense of completion to find out what happened to Hattie after her homesteading days.  I felt like Larson managed to maintain a balance of staying true to the independent, adventurous spirit of Hattie while still being realistic about the time period in which she lived.  Seeing Hattie in a completely different environment was also refreshing.

I was able to read Hattie Ever After, which won’t be published until February through the NetGalley service I mentioned in my October Reading Theme post.  I was pleased with how easy the service is to use, and I expect to use it much more in the future.  I also used my tablet for NetGalley, though there is a way to have titles emailed to my Kindle which I haven’t had a chance to try yet.

For the most part, I really enjoy reading digitally.  I do feel that the picture book format still needs some work as far as ebooks are concerned, but for books that are primarily text-driven, I think  having the flexibility of both print and digital is fantastic.  One other perk for reading on my tablet is reading in bed with the lights out!




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