Reading with Little L: The First Few Months

8 07 2010

It was actually pretty easy to read to Little L for the first few months.  I could pretty much read him anything, including whatever I happened to be reading at the time.  Although, I hate to admit that I did censor myself.  Even though I know he can’t understand the words yet, I just couldn’t bring myself to read curse words to Little L.  Those first few months illustrations didn’t matter because his vision was limited and he was really only interested in the sound of my voice.

As his eyesight developed though, he became mesmerized by books with simple contrasting black and white images.  There are several great choices in this field of children’s books.

Tana Hoban was a master of these books, and Little L enjoyed all of them…

Black on White

White on Black

Who Are They?

What Is That?

He also enjoyed a hand-me-down from his older cousin…

My Animals by Xavier Deneux.

And incidentally, his cousin, who is almost two, still enjoys reading this book when he visits us.




3 responses

10 08 2010

I didn’t realize that you had started blogging again when I stumbled upon your page and caught up on the few recent entries. We bough Black on White and White on Black last week for Baby C based on your recommendation:) I’m trying not to load up on baby stuff since I’m only 23 weeks but all of it is sooo cute, it’s addicting!!

13 08 2010

I have started blogging again, but I’m still struggling a little to find the time for it. Hope your little one likes the Hoban books. It is hard not to go overboard with the baby shopping – so much fun stuff. But of course, you really don’t NEED much of it. Hope you’re still feeling good!

8 01 2015
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